Clear View Home Inspections LLC is dedicated to helping you get a Clear View of your potential new home. Whether it's a brand new construction or needing a little TLC--a thorough inspection and comprehensive report will give you the necessary information to make the right choice with the largest purchase of your life.

When should I schedule a home inspection?

Once your offer has been accepted is when most home inspections are performed. You need a qualified and certified professional to take one last look before you seal the deal. Clear View Home Inspections will thoroughly test, open, close, prod, measure, climb, crawl and get into any accessible area of your home to get a Clear View of the condition of your home. We go to this level of detail Because it Matters. Clear View Home Inspectors are trained to spot things you can't always see to ensure your home is in safe condition to purchase.


Clear View Home Inspections is InterNACHI certified. Unlike other home inspection associations, InterNACHI front-ends many of its certification requirements and requires that its members take many courses and examinations after joining.  In other words, InterNACHI certified members must fulfill certification requirements before they can become certified.  Other associations have few or no entrance requirements, and encourage their members and associates to go out and perform hundreds of unqualified inspections for unsuspecting consumers.



As a partner with HomeGauge®, Clear View Home Inspections provides you with the best reports available in the home inspection industry, in addition, allowing you online access for 5 years to your report through our website. 


Clear View Home Inspections LLC was founded by Marcel DeHart, who has lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life. Being a northwest native means he's no stranger to the moist weather we constantly experience and what it can do to a home. Small amounts of moisture can do great harm to your home if not identified and fixed. Marcel's love for home remodeling and understanding of a home's systems has provided him with many, many years of experience prior to his formal certification and education on the home inspection process. Clear View Home Inspections ultimate desire is to help you make an informed home buying decision to live in the most beautiful part of the country!




"Marcel did a fabulous job on our home inspection!  He was able to identify major areas within our new construction home that needed to be addressed immediately and we were able to communicate it with the builders before we closed on our home.  We'd highly recommend Marcel to others, he's very professional, clear, and prompt! 


"I would highly recommend Marcel DeHart and his company Clear View Home Inspections . I have bought and sold several homes over the last decade and one of the most important items in that process is the home inspection. The key things I look for in an excellent inspector are timeliness, intuitive questions, thoroughness, reporting, and follow up. Marcel arrived promptly on time with all the inspection tools and equipment required. He immediately explained his process and a step by step overview of the major elements he would be reviewing. Roof to crawl space and everything in between. 
He also intuitively asked me up front about best roof access for my home as well as the attic and crawl space access points. He covered literally every external nook and cranny and checked all elements of my home internally. 
He delivered his report that same night promptly via an easy to use online portal including thorough descriptions and pictures. He responded to a question I had within hours as well. 
He finished his onsite within 2 hours and I would highly recommend his services for any home inspection, new or old."
"My wife and I recently moved into our "forever home", but it was built in 1990 and needed quite a bit of work upon moving in. We had one inspector come over, but didn't feel like they were thorough enough.
Clear View Home Inspections came over upon moment's notice and found things that the other inspector didn't catch--some of which were extremely important in helping us negotiate the final sale cost and repairs needed on the home. We never would have had the peace of mind had Marcel not come over to explain both the good and neglected parts of the home. We are forever grateful for his concern and thoroughness!"



Depending on size of home this will take about 4 hours. You are more than welcome to attend while the inspection is progressing. Of course safety will be of utmost importance so small children are discouraged from being on site. You will receive a detailed report with lots of pictures and our recommendation of how to proceed with any visible defects. Most of these are small and very easy and inexpensive to address. Every home inspection comes with thermal imaging including at no extra cost. See Pricing page for costs.


Mold Sampling

If there are apparent indications of moisture intrusion or apparent mold, we can test for mold spores with a swab, or in the air, both outside and inside your home. We send these samples to a qualified lab and will receive a mold report back in 3 business days. See Pricing page for costs.


Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally from the earth decomposing. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. behind cigarette smoking. The EPA recommends all homes have testing done for radon. Our testing will help you decide whether a radon mitigation system is necessary for your current home or your potential new home. See Pricing page for costs.


Infrared cameras measure the differences in heat at a location and the surrounding area. This picture is of a leak from an upstairs bathroom. This cannot been seen with the naked eye and the moisture content was measured with a moisture meter. The moisture is on the interior of the sheetrock so it cannot be identified by touch.




Other Services

  • Sewer Scope (with home inspection)-$150
  • Sewer Scope Stand alone-$200

  • Radon Testing (with home inspection)- $150

  • Radon Testing Standalone- $200

  • Mold Testing (with home inspection)- $125

  • Full Mold Inspection- $300

Home Inspections

  • Up to 2000 SF - $400

  • 2001 - 3000 SF- $450

  • 3001 - 4000 SF- $500

  • 4001 - 5000 SF- $550

  • Over 5000 SF- $600

  • Condo Unit, up to 2000 SF- $400





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